What can Riding a Paddle Board Teach us about Innovation?

As winter finally comes to a close it is inspiring to see the trees starting to bud and the tulips sprouting through last year's decomposed leaves. With all of this vitality I can't help but think about the summer ahead and the fond memories of summers past. One memory especially comes to mind. Last summer …

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The “Bi-Modal” Dilemma

One of my favourite childhood books is "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. One particular passage that has become gospel to me - Cat: Where are you going? Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know. Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go! In my …

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The search for “Work-Life Integration”

 One of the most amazing trends over the last few years is how great organizations have become increasingly concerned about their employees well-being. With these corporations the goal is no longer simply about "maximizing productivity" but instead about improving the ability for their employees to drive better  "work/life integration".  This is a major shift as …

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